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Gaggia 14101 Espresso Machine Review


Don’t let the classic design of the Gaggia 14101 mislead you. The intuitive controls make it easy to use, while the chrome-plated brass portafilter and brew group provide superb consistency for extremely high quality brew. Features like the 3-way solenoid valve, quick-steam Pannarello wand, and multiple styles of portafilter baskets ensure the Gaggia performs to a higher standard than local coffee chains. Created by espresso masters in Italy and combining superb component quality and budget-friendly price, the Gaggia 14101 is a best selling model that is loved by both beginners and aficionados alike.

Pros and Cons of the Gaggia 14101


  • Commercial Grade Portafilter/Components
  • Ease of Use
  • Timeless Design
  • Quick Heat up Time
  • Price Point


  • No Programmable Features

Pros and Cons Explained

There is no denying that Gaggia have stayed faithful to their statement that the design of the 14101 has been tried and true since the 90s. However, this can be both a pro and a con for some prospective buyers, depending on what their needs are. For example, someone who wants a high-tech machine with electronic controls, LED display, and preset features will be disappointed with this machine, as there are none of those (there are no electronics at all actually). However, someone who wants a classic espresso machine that was built to a commercial quality, is dead easy to pick up and use, and that is budget-friendly will be very satisfied. Features like the drip-free operation (making the pucks easier to knock out), cup warmer (espresso is traditionally served in a preheated cup), and excellent price point are added bonuses that help the Gaggia shine above its competitors.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the Gaggia 14101 Classic is just that, a classic. Timeless design aside, its commercial-grade parts and ease of use make this particular machine perfect for beginners and experts who want a truly delicious cup of espresso (it is one of Gaggia’s best sellers for a reason!).

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